• The building we now call Cellar52 has been at the heart of St Jacobs village, Ontario, since 1852. It was called The Farmers' Inn and built as a Traveller's Lodge to accommodate weary coach passengers, offering refreshments halfway between Kitchener (then known as Berlin) and Elmira. In 1871, its name was changed to the Dominion Hotel, later to be shortened to DH but its reputation as a place of shelter and fine food has never changed. In the more recent past, the restaurant on the property was known as Benjamin’s and was known for fine dining and a small boutique hotel was run upstairs. We took over the property in 2016 and have been delighted to continued this long tradition for the finest hospitality.

    We aim to share this beautiful building and all it has to offer with every client. Our home becomes your home for a day. Our venue has already hosted many happy couples with a day they will remember forever. Cellar52 has been designed to accommodate the needs of every special event. It is quaint but not small; it is elegant with attention to every detail. It is the perfect complement to every style of wedding or party or presentation.

  • In soft tones of grey and white, with soft silver accents, the elegance will take your breathe away. Three indoor gas fireplaces will add warmth and distinction to your day, along with our historic stone-walled patio there is plenty of room to mingle. Our European styled patio is festooned with lanterns and has a wood-burning fireplace to extend the Spring and Fall nights.

    Nestled in the quaint village of St. Jacobs Cellar52 is a treasured local jewel. A popular location for tourists, due to its quaint appearance, picturesque trails and Mennonite heritage. The region is still home to the largest population of Old Order Mennonites in Canada, particularly in the areas around St Jacobs and Elmira. Traditional horse and buggy transportation are still frequently seen trotting through the village and many local farmers still use horse-drawn machinery to work the fields. The Conestogo River, which once powered the village's original mills in 1850, runs through the village and just a step away from our building and has provided a beautiful backdrop to many of our summer weddings. The rolling grass banks and shady trees are a perfect gathering place for picnics and parties. 

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